Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whimsical Sweater Stockings

Christmas Countdown Craft Day 7: Whimsical Sweater Stockings

*Today's post comes my new friend, Cherie, whom I met during the Thanksgiving holiday in Oregon. She took me on the most incredible antique shopping trip one day and was constantly spouting out ideas about items we found that she was sure she could figure out how to make on her own. These are the kinds of friends we all need to keep in our back pocket. She told me about this sweater stocking idea and the minute I got home, I shoved everything aside and couldn't concentrate on anything else besides making my own. Here's how hers turned out. *Martha

Hi there, readers. As Martha mentioned, I love turning expensive ideas into cheap, DIY projects for my kids and me. These sweater stockings turned out to be so much more personal and unique than any I could have bought from a store. I hope you enjoy them! 


- Old sweaters (from Goodwill)
- Embellishments (ribbon, lace, buttons, brooches, etc.)
- Sewing machine (or the will to hand sew)
- Scissors

Now let's get started!

1) Cut out a stocking template, trace a stocking you have, draw one, etc. You can find a template here if you don't want to improvise. I messed around a lot with patterns, making some toes more "elfish," some are short, some are long and skinny like knee socks. 

2) Pin the template to your sweater and cut around it generously.

3) Sew right sides together then hem the edges of the top of the stocking.

If you want a more finished top, use the sleeve cuff of the sweater as the top of your stocking.

Step 4:

4) Get creative and add any kind of embellishments you like. Ribbon, buttons, old earrings (as pictured above), lace, vintage tinsel, the list goes on. Add a stocking hanger with some sweater pieces, ribbon or anything else that suits your fancy.

Happy Holidays!

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