Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday DIY: Garland

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 3: Garland

Garland is so fun. String it here, string it there, string it everywhere! String it on your tree, along the wall, across your mantle. Down your railing, down the stairs, in your hair, everywhere! Going all Dr. Suess on you, sorry. I've been making a file of my favorite garland ideas this season. 

This felt ball garland has been on my mind and Oh Happy Day did her own for much less. See here for her easy tutorial.

If you have sheets of felt lying around and want to make something similar, I'm sure this one would be a cinch. Glue, string, felt dots, voila! Or just buy it here.

This card garland is a beautiful idea once those Christmas cards start showing up in the mail.

I love the simplicity and sophistication of this ribbon garland.

If you know how to crochet, I love this garland idea. Think "mini hot pads" and string them all in a row. Or buy it here.

To do this one, use scallop-edge scissors and cut a bunch of circles, probably 8 per ornament. Fold each one in the middle and glue back to back around a ribbon. Or buy one here.

 And if someone figures out this woven paper garland, let me know. It's awesome!

See? I knew you could put garland in your hair! Buy this one here.

Happy Friday, everyone! Don't forget we'll be posting through the weekend to make sure we cover all 25 days before Christmas!



  1. I think that paper garland is a variation of this plastic lacing stitch.

  2. Okay, I've got it.
    I'll put it up on my blog later this week.

    Extreme Cards and Papercrafting



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