Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorate Your Gifts

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 12: Decorate Your Gifts

For some of my tags this year, I made variations of red circles in a Power Point document, printed them on cardstock and cut them out to use for gift tags. That's just one of many ideas. Here are some tags and gift decorating ideas you can get online.

Download and print these for a dollar from Marta Writes

I've used these tags for a couple years. They are a free download from Inside a Black Apple. (And if you are looking for a unique gift for a little girl, check out her new paper dolls book. It looks delightful; I want one for myself!)

Easy to make  mitten tags

 Hello cinch! Take your fun paper scraps, scissors and your hole punch and you've got these tags.

I really like these simple Merry Christmas tags.


1 comment:

  1. How did you do it in a Power Point? Also, I love the labels, but this is usually the last thing on my mind when it comes to Christmas. But so easy!


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