Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stencil Canvas Tutorial

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 1: Today we have a GUEST blogger my good friend Ashley Stock aka Little Miss Momma. She has a WONDERFUL tutorial for us on how to make some easy and beautiful artwork.

Stencil Canvas Tutorial

It's time for another easy-peasy tutorial from this Little Miss Momma.
Just pick your own colors, stencil and canvas size for a customized look to go in your home. This is a VERY quick and cheap way to add some color and art to your bare walls.
Here are the {SUPPLIES} you will need:

Canvas (I used a 18 x 24 canvas on sale for $6 at Michaels)
Stencil of your choice (available at Michaels)
Acrylic Craft Paint in the color(s) of your choice
Stencil Paint (found in the stencil section at Michaels)
Paint Brush
Scotch Tape

Step {One}:
Paint your entire canvas the color of your choice. I mixed two colors of green (leaf green, citron) in order to get the more textured color of green that I was looking for. Allow the canvas to dry completely before proceeding to step two.

Step {Two}:
Place the stencil over the painted canvas in the area that you want the first row of the graphic to appear. Tape the stencil into place so that it doesn't shift when you start to paint. Now, apply a VERY small amount of stencil paint to the tip of your brush. With stencil paint, a little goes a long way. I highly recommend using stencil paint, otherwise you increase the chance that your paint will smear/run. Paint over the entire stencil with the stencil paint.

Lift the stencil slightly as you go to be sure that you are filling all the areas completely.

Step {Three}:
Once you finish painting in the first row of your stencil, lift up the stencil and line it up again directly above your first row, and then repeat step two for this second row of grpahic.

When you finish the second row you may notice some extra space on your canvas where there isn't enough room for another entire row of stencil/graphic. I chose to paint in another row of stencil going over the edge (see picture below). I liked the look of the graphic going over the edge, but that is completely up to your preference.
And Wall-ah!!
In 3 EASY steps you now have an awesome piece of canvas wall art.

I think this project works amazingly when you use multiple canvases {i.e. 3 square or rectangle canvases} and continue the graphic onto the other canvases so that you have one large piece of art.

Happy Crafting!



  1. Thanks for the feature girl! love your blog! I will be facebooking this link NOW!

  2. Awesome!! Adding this to my list to projects!


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