Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where to Find Curtains and Drapes

My cousin asked me for some advice on picking out and finding drapes...she asked, "I am looking for good window panels and keep striking out. Any suggestions of good web sites?" She then emailed me pictures of her BEAUTIFUL house along with 4 links to drapes she had been looking at for the space. 

So FIRST here is the room from all angles:

LOVE this Chair!

NOW here are the drapes she had picked out...and I will review how I think the do or do not work for the room.
Barcelona Drapes from JcPenney: could work but I think the burgundy color is too dark for the space.

Alessandra Floral Drapes from Pottery Barn: This is my #1 for this room. The colors and pattern complements the chair, pillows and accent wall beautifully.

Margaritte Embroidered Drape from Pottery Barn: This is a VERY beautiful drape BUT for this space I do NOT think it is the best choice, because there are already two similar patterns in the room with the chair and pillows. It is best to MIX patterns (get lots of different patterns), rather than many of the same pattern.

Simone Drape from Pottery Barn: Nice but for this space I like the idea of bringing in more red tones to the wall instead of green, since there is already a green accent wall.

Some ADDITIONAL option:
Peyton Drape from Pottery Barn: You can never go wrong with a simple solid. Even though it is a solid color it will balance the room by complementing the green accent wall.

Where to buy curtains and drapes?
I will admit that ALL of my drapes are from Ikea because they have great products for an AWESOME price. BUT they don't sell many things online and I don't think they sell any drapes online (which is such a bummer) so if you don't live close to and Ikea you need some more options.

Another place I like to look for inexpensive but good quality drapes is They have a HUGE selection of great products, but the downside is it is sometimes like finding a needle in a hay stack ESPECIALLY if you don't know what you are looking for. So it is best to have something in mind before you start searching through Overstock.

If you want to head into a store World Market has some fun and fairly inexpensive drapes if you want a more global feeling to your space.

If you have a little bit MORE budget to work with theses are some fool proof places to look:

If you want something kind of funky and unique try:

Note: There are TONS of other places to find great drapes and window coverings...this is just some ideas.
Or if you are feeling crafty try sewing your own drapes. is a GREAT source for discounted designer fabrics. Even if you just hem the edges of the fabric you can purchase some drapery hardware like the one bellow that clips onto the fabric.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chevron Desk Re-Do

Ok so I finally FINISHED my desk re-do that I talked about HERE a few weeks ago. And I'm super excited about it. So I only used 4 items to give a $30 Walmart desk a new lease on life (honestly the desk is really is a piece of junk that we have had for 5 years and were ready to throw away).

 So HERE is the list of items you need:
  • Primer (I started to prime but then realized my furniture was light enough in color that I didn't need to)
  • Colored Spray Paint (or if you prefer a paint brush you can definitely go that route)
  • Fabric (I found this AWESOME Chevron pattern fabric from
  • Mod-Podge
  • Clear Spray Paint Sealer
 So here is what the desk looked like before...with my little midget being a dare devil and playing on it. (You can see he thinks he is pretty cool)
 So as you can see I started to prime but realized I didn't really need to on this particular piece. 

So when do you need to use primer? If it is a DARK piece of of furniture and trying to cover it with a lighter color (which I needed to do for a roll top desk I spray painted and it still bugs me when I look at it). Another reason to prime is because the primer is used to make the top paint stick better and have better coloring. You can also use the primer to save you a step, if you are like me and are too lazy to sand down the gloss finish just prime it and that will help.
 WOW don't I look lovely with my hair all disheveled in my husbands In N Out shirt?! AWESOME!
 So I just sprayed the base and left the top.
 Then I cut my fabric to the right size.
 Then it was time to BUST OUT the Mod-Podge!
 So I put the mod-podge on the desk first and started with just a few inches on the table so I could get the fabric lined up the way I wanted it and stuck it down.
 So I go the top all stuck down from the bottom...then I mod-podged over the top of the fabric.
 Make sure and make it even with your paint brush.
 This was the little shelf but wanted to show you that I did hospital corners on all of the corners.
Once you get the top mod-podged down you need to do all the sides and corners. Once the Mod-Podge had dried completely I spray a clear coat of a sealer and let it dry. DONE! 

It was a little bit of a process but in the long run it was a pretty easy project. I didn't totally time myself but I would say TOTAL it was maybe 3-4 hours of work time (of course there is time in between for drying).

And here is the FINAL PRODUCT I love it. it is a fun place for me to sit and write THIS BLOG POST! (while watching the Nate Berkus Show)


Peace OUT!

PS As I'm about to post this I learned something new on Nate Berkus show...did you know they have "Reflective Spray Paint" that is like an INSTANT mirror? IT IS SO COOL!!!  I know what I'm buying next time I'm at Lowe's.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

I went to my first estate sale on Saturday. It was sooooo fun. It was put on by my friend Jihan to sell her late grandparents' things and also some of her own before she moves to LA. Here's what I scored:

Random photos! ($2 each) A rendering of the Mona Lisa on a concrete side wall; the letter "H" as seen on a brick wall; a bicycle in some foreign country? Who knows! That's the best thing about "inheriting" somebody's random art - you get to make up your own story about it! 

Two of Jihan's old rings ($1 apiece). She was also selling tons of old clothes and shoes but I didn't have the time to try on nor would I have fit the size for most of it. But, shoot, it was all beautiful. Picking through her closet - you'd think you were in some high-end boutique. And all of it was going for practically nothing! Durned pregnant belly and large feet of mine!

This grey chair for $25. There is a mark on the seat, but you can't tell unless you study it. And someday if I get reupholster-happy, this would probably be a fairly easy project.

And it fits perfectly into my once-empty, awkward living room corner! I also bought it thinking it might be something to stick in a corner of the nursery if I have to move my chunky rocking glider out of there. We'll see.

Have you ever been to an estate sale? What did you think? Any grand purchases? I regretted not getting there sooner because right as I did, two people walked out with things I coveted: the perfect lamp for my nursery and the purse I've been dreaming of. More estate sales are definitely in my future!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas

On a recent excursion to Bainbridge Island, I made a quick stop in Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. Not really being into either yarn or tea, I just stopped in because it looked cute from the outside and I was curious to know about the inside. It was such a cozy, adorable little place, I wanted to stay longer but ran out of time.

From what I could gather in the few minutes I was there, it's a knitter's hang out ... and I'm sure they probably enjoy the tea while there, too. I love places like this - a welcoming little home away from home where you meet up with friends who share your interests.  I snagged these photos from around the web since I didn't have my camera.

Wall of tea canisters.

Classroom area.

This is such a pretty display - yarn out of its packaging and lined up nicely. Yarn can look so messy and yucky, it's nice to see some care taken here.

I really want to make it back to Bainbridge soon because I didn't have any time to peruse other shops and there were tons that interested me.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Design Question Do You Have?

We want to know what your burning questions are and ANSWER them for you! Please join our link party and send us your Design Questions and we will answer them!

Do you have a question about selecting paint colors?
 Refinishing furniture?
Hanging picture frames on the wall?
Mid-Century Mod Playroom contemporary family room

Whatever your question may it up and we will answer it for you...if we don't have the answer, we will find it for you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloggy Boot Camp BOAST

On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend Bloggy Boot Camp! It was seriously one of the most amazing, and insightful events EVER! I thouroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I got to meet and network with so many WONDERFUL bloggers.
Here is my picture...I'm mad I had to wear my hair up because my alarm didn't go off in the morning so I only had 15 minutes to get ready...AHHH!
Here are pictures of me with some of my new friends!

How to Blog

I wanted to give a HUGE HUGE Thank you to Tiffany and Fran and the entire SITS team for the WONDERFUL event they put together! I can't thank you enough for the helpful information I received. Also THANKS to the sponsors for the GREAT goody bags we received.

Here are links to ALL the people I got business cards from. Check out these blogs there are some really fun things.
 So the boot camp was in San Diego at the Bahia Hotel and this was the view from the conference room...not to shabby right?
Also at the hotel they had these two rescue seals that live there. They are blind so they can't release them back into the wild. It is a cool little exhibit to have at a hotel.

All in all it was a GREAT day...I will definitely go again!

Peace out,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rocking Chair Re-Do

 So, I'm not finished with my desk yet (can't find my Mod-Podge), BUT I did finish a smaller project. I refinished a kids rocking chair that I got at a garage sale for $6. So here is the quick and easy tutorial.
 All you need is spray paint primer and a color of your choice...and of course something to refinish! Here is my cute little rocking chair that my son LOVES. Ironically I had/have a rocker just like this that was mine when I was little, but I didn't want to refinish mine because it has sentimental value.

 You know the drill...Prime it first...let it dry...then spray away with your color....get every nook and cranny

I'm so happy with the finished product. The color is called "new avocado" so it is a yellow/green...think of a vintage avocado stove top. I'm excited to have it in my living room...and my son loves to play on it.

Peace Out,
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