Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Think Outside the Box

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 8: Think Outside the Box

Here are some interesting, different ways to add some spice to your home this season.

Maybe it's because rain boots are now a normal part of my life since I moved to Seattle, but I saw this idea and immediately loved it. A couple possibilities come to mind. You could use rain boots instead of stockings, use them in addition to stockings or simply fill them with empty, adorably wrapped gift boxes for looks. This would brighten an entryway perfectly.

This banister decoration is so simple and sweet, literally. Tie cute mugs to the rails with colorful ribbons and fill with lovely candies for guests to grab as they're walking by. I love a good, surprising candy stop!

This is a pretty genius idea and would even look cool in front of a big window, since that's likely where a curtain rod from which to hang the fabric loops would be. Then grab a big, sturdy branch, paint it white, and hang those socks!
{above 3 photos from House to Home}

Another unorthodox shoe idea . Sorry we just missed the date, but apparently December 6th is St. Nick's day and there's a German tradition in which you put out your shoes to be filled with treats overnight. More on that cute custom from Marta Writes.

I've always found the mistletoe a bit wimpy looking, hanging from the ceiling all sad and lonely, just waiting for someone to come stand underneath and put on a show. That's why I love this alternative: the kissing ball. So much more substantial and festive looking. I'd stand under that thing and give someone a show!

This banister decoration is so bright and fun. It's paper wedding bells. You know, the ones that would look tacky at an actual wedding. They are actually a delightful way to serenade your kiddies as they bound down the stairs to see what Santa has brought.

If you want to get fluffy and froofy and just a big goofy, try feathers! Actually, if I saw these in your house, I would NOT think goofy. I'd think RADICAL! 

Finally, why not save a tree and think inside the box by making a Christmas tree out of presents? Who says your presents have to go UNDER the tree, you know? Just stack them around your house as decor, and then clean up is as easy as unwrapping them and disposing of everything as you normally would. Booyah.


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