Sunday, December 19, 2010

Craft "to do" LIST

Day 19 (and 20...getting lazy ;): Craft "to do" list
I'm feeling in a funk trying to think of more crafts for our Christmas Craft Countdown (or I guess we have been counting up???) We tried contacting other bloggers to "Spotlight" them and there GREAT WORK but it is just a crazy busy time of year so not many have gotten back to us (which is totally fine). But now that we are at #19 our of 25 days of crafts...I am kind of regretting this idea. A blog post a day is hard for me...a non-blogger. To be completely is sometimes a CHORE for me to sit down and write. So today...I'm going to make a "To Do" list of all the crafts I would LOVE to find...I mean make time to do.
  • Wreaths - this is one of my favorite crafts to do because it is not too time consuming and you can finish it quickly. You know how some projects never seem to end or get finished...I know when I make a wreath I will be able to finish it (as long as I have my creative juices flowing). My goal is to make a wreath for EVERY Holiday! Here are a few that I have made so far: Thanksgiving/Fall (its a fun one to have up from (September - November)
My Halloween mummy inspired wreath (super easy all you need is a wreath form (I used hay), cheese cloth, and straight pins. I sprayed it with a little black spray paint to give it and aged look, and topped it with black ribbon)
  • Snowflake Blanket - last year I bought that pre-quilted fabric at Joann's and some binding (or is it called edging) tape, thinking "oh what a simple quick project, just sew the edging on and you have an instant blanket. One year later and it is still not done!
  • Paint Chip Wall Art - I have these large books of paint chip samples from an Interior Design firm I worded for when I was in school and I have always wanted to cut them up and layer them, and then frame it as art. Here is a picture of a similar idea by PaintSquare on Etsy (check out her shop it is amazing). She does it with painted wood pieces but it is a similar idea.
  • Quilt for my son - My Granny was an AMAZING quilter and hand quilted everything. My goal is to hand quilt ONE blanket in my life. I have started it about a year ago. Cut out all the squares, started sewing the rows, and that's as far as I have gotten. I still need to finish the top, put it together and then hand quilt it. SOMEDAY!
  • Granny Square blanket - (can you tell that I am obsessed with blankets yet?) My Grandma always made beautiful granny square blankets and taught all of her granddaughters how to do it...but did we ever do it NO! I have crocheted blankets before but always wanted to do the granny square. So one day I googled it and found a GREAT video on how to do it (because I totally forgot), and got started. I really enjoy making the squares but once I realized how much work it was going to be to stitch them all together I edited my plan to be one LARGE granny square in the center bordered by small granny squares. Picture from Craftzine
There are probably more things on my list...I just can't think of them right now.

Now I have shared my Crafting To Do List...what is on yours?

Peace OUT,


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