Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Space Oddity

I was strolling through downtown Ballard over the weekend and happened upon this little underground vintage furniture shop, Space Oddity. Upon entering and glancing around my eyes bugged out of my head. Gems galore! Then they bugged out even more when I noticed the prices! Vintage furniture and tchotchkes are fun to browse, but even more fun to browse when you can actually imagine yourself affording them! The prices were very reasonable ... which makes this a very dangerous find indeed. 

I wish I had had my camera, I could have given you a good idea of how chock full it was of goodies, but instead I swiped some photos from their blog and Facebook page of stuff I liked.

Behold: The donut phone. Homer Simpson would own this.

Just another of several cool vintage rotary phones. I wanted one for my daughter's room so she could grow up knowing what phones used to look like.

I fell in love with these sweet little sad kids. Reminded me of my grandpa's house for some reason.

One view of the inside of the store.

I don't know what it is, but I am drawn to card catalogs and old mail slot thingies lately. I think I just like imagining what in the sam hill I would put in all those little drawers if I had one in my house. If I became a bead or button collector, I'd put the card catalog drawers to use. And if I decided to alphabetize my recipes from A to Z, I could use a mail slot thingy. Weird thoughts.

I'm on the hunt for an interesting TV credenza, and this is a good one, I'd say. It wouldn't fit in our house currently, but I'd love something like it in the future.

This little ottoman stole my heart in every way. Great storage! Extra seating! Sturdy!

And what the what? I'd like to see how somebody puts these three theater seats to use. Because it could be awesome.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Over Easter Eggs? Marbled Paper Art

I was intrigued by the marbled paper art I saw on Little Green Notebook the other day in this post and found a link in the comments section from one of her readers about how to do marbled paper yourself. If you have dyed all the eggs you can stand, this would be such a fun, pastel-y thing to do with little kids over the weekend. Check out the tutorial here at Child in Harmony. It involves shaving cream! (Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve finger painting on the table in shaving cream.) If you try it and end up putting it up in your home, send us pictures! 

Images from KFD Designs


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eye Candy

What are you up to this weekend? I am both happy and sad to be all alone this weekend! My husband is taking my daughter (her last time to fly free) with him this weekend to see his family while I stay home and pregnant. I will hardly know what to do with myself ... but I guess somehow I will manage :)

I hope you will be getting into your Easter bonnets and going on a hunt for pastel eggs. Here are a few things I rounded up that remind me of spring and Easter.

3. Yellow Clock – $80
4. Floral Curtain – $38
6. Patchwork Chair – $249
7. Mini Bowls – $3.50 ea
10. Marbled Paper Art – $4.50


Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcake Interiors

I take the task of eating for two seriously and I'm making sure my little fetus has plenty of chocolate and baked goods to sustain him. I only wish that at this moment I had something - anything - more in my house beyond the three peanut M&Ms I just finished off. Help! Which brings me to fantasizing about cupcakes. So why not a post that takes me there? 

Thank you Sprinkles for starting the haute cupcake trend. I so love their branding; minimalist modern at its best. Their cupcakes would probably go near the top of my list of things I'd need to eat asap if only given 24 hours to live. Red velvet and dark chocolate on repeat, please.

Trophy Cupcakes goes 50s frilly with their store design. I thoroughly enjoyed the eye candy in this shop while enjoying my Tiger Tail cupcake.

I haven't been to Georgetown Cupcake, but it looks like they've got a good thing going on. I'll call their interior design style girly sophisticat. The ladies who run it look especially cute in their pink aprons and wellies.

YUM. That didn't really help at all. But, there's always this emergency chocolate cake... (you are welcome for that link).


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway

Some of you may have realized that I sell Scentsy Wickless Candles too and I am having a HUGE Anniversary giveaway over on my Want Wickless blog.
I'm giving away 
April 23rd = 2 Room Sprays

April 30 = 1 Full Size System (one Full Size Warmer and 3 Bars of your choice) AND 1 Plug-in with 1 Flutter Bar (the Scent of the Month)

April's Warmer of the Month is called Baby's Breath and is 10% off this month ONLY! Check out some rooms it would work well in.

Can't you imagine it in this Living Room:
Home Nest traditional living room

wouldn't it look great is a girls room like this:
pottery barn kids rooms traditional kids
traditional kids design

If this warmer fits in your space make sure you order it this month at the discounted price! 

Don't forget you can pare it with the Scent of the Month FLUTTER which is also 10% OFF for April.

Warm Wishes,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Slipcovers for Kid Chairs

My friend, Miriam, posted about her reupholstering project of her kids' foam chairs. Goodbye Dora!

Hello tasteful! She has a son and a daughter and I love how she found the perfect fabric for each (good boy fabric is hard to find, methinks).

She even made a sweet little pillow for each.

Read more about her process on her post here.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Side of the Road Gold!

Well, well, well. Look what I picked up on the side of the road this morning. No matter that 70% of it didn't even fit in my trunk. I just drove slow and made sure it was wedged in semi-tight. I'd always heard of people finding excellent furniture on the side of the road around here, but today was my first time. It was on its side in some wet muddy grassy area along with several dressers with potential, a couple sad stools and a plaid couch. Hey, I can spot good mid-century modern legs from a mile away.

It looks normal sized in these photos but it's actually a kid's desk. I don't have one iota of room for it in my nursery, but I suppose it can stay in the garage until we move to a bigger place. We'll see if my husband agrees!

With a fresh coat of paint and some cute knobs, this little cutie will be in business.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layering Design Styles in a Room

I've been watching Secrets from a Stylist lately, the HGTV show hosted by Design Star Season 5 winner Emily Henderson. From the episodes I've seen, she works with couples to create a room or two that combines both of their styles. She starts by doing the entire room in one person's style, after which she brings the couple in to show what it looks like. Then she edits some things and layers the second person's style into the space. Interestingly, the couple usually isn't totally thrilled with the first style (even the person whose style it reflects) but they love the end result of the two combined styles. Here is a look at some of the rooms from the show:

Example #1:

Look #1 (wife's style): Hollywood Regency

Look #2 (added husband's style):Hollywood Country Club

Example #2:
Look #1 (husband's style): Mad Men Chic

Look #2 (added wife's style): Mad Men Bohemian

Example #3:
Look #1 (wife's style): Modern Artsy Nouveau

Look #2 (added husband's style): Single Malt Nouveau

I think the show proves an important design point: anyone can buy up a set of furniture and accessories all in the same style and have one canned look. Or you can embrace the personalities of the person or people you live with and incorporate some style from everyone and come up with something even more interesting and unique.

This is a great show to give you that guidance! Watch it on Hulu here.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Industrial Design

I came across the Princess Lasertron blog awhile back when she was working on a concept called CAMP. I was so intrigued and didn't get it at all. Now that it's done, I get it. And I think it's soooo cool and interesting and I want to move to Omaha, Nebraska just to get in on it. You can visit the FAQs here to get a summary, but basically she and some friends turned a downtown industrial dive into a hip, open commercial space where people "co-work." Each person pays a monthly fee and comes to work in a creative environment away from home where other creative types are hanging out and working and snacking and laughing and having what seems to be the best time ever! 

Here's Princess Lasertron herself with her baby, Alice. She runs her own business (felt flower and button bouquets for brides) from the CAMP space.

They re-purposed a lot of junk for the space. Love that.

And they also have fun parties there.

Seriously, get me to CAMP!


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