InCircle Interiors offers three services to help you transform your house from HOMELY to HOT! We offer flat rates for each service to make it simple for everyone. We charge in-person consultation on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions, please click on "Contact" and email us!

Design Inspiration Board
Think of this as a virtual bulletin board created just for you. It features a collage presentation of the products we chose for your room based on information you provide in the questionnaire. It can include pictures of color swatches, fabric swatches, furniture, art, and accessories. If you’re interested in re-purposing existing items, we can also include DIY inspiration. We then provide you with buying information for every product and then let you loose! You purchase the stuff and start putting your room together. If you need help arranging everything, add the Space Planning service (see below).  $350

Space Planning
Do you speak feng shui? No? Sounds like you need help planning your space. Having the right flow to your room can change your life. No more bumping your shins on an awkwardly placed coffee table or getting lost in the the maze that is your bedroom. We’ll give you the perfect floor plan to help you arrange your stuff just so. This service can be the icing on the Design Inspiration Board cake. $100 as stand-alone or $75 as an add-on

Space Plan Options

Color Consultation
Yikes! You painted your bedroom green ... but it’s not the green you thought it would be. It’s more yellow ... and you wanted more blue. But not too much blue. Just the perfect amount of pale green-blue hue. Don’t you wish your walls could just tell you what hue is right for you? Leave it to us to translate the wide world of paint. We will put together a pleasing palette for your space. We can also include textiles in the mix - curtains, pillows, upholstery - whatever you need. We’ll turn that color frown upside down. $150

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