Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday DIY: Ornament Wreath

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 4: Ornament Wreath

I've had this wreath on my mind for years. I think I first saw it on Martha Stewart's show awhile back. There have been many replications, but I like this original the best. I kifed it from Eddie Ross, the originator, who must have been the one on the show because I remember this wreath very vividly. Thanks Eddie!

I'll write out the simple instructions, but go to his blog for the original post and how-to

1. Wire hanger

2. Bend hanger into circle

3. Hot glue any loose ornament tops on so they stay secure as you're stringing them on the hanger

 4. Undo the hanger top to start stringing

5. You'll need about 80 ornaments. BEEEEE-A-U-TI-FUL!


1 comment:

  1. This is the answer to what I'm going to do with excess ball ornaments! Thanks for the idea :) Now I just hope the wind doesn't smash them...we shall see.


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