Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday DIY Project

Starting tomorrow (December 1) we will be doing a HOLIDAY DIY Project COUNTDOWN to Christmas! Each day we will have a NEW DIY project for you to help make your house a little more home'y'. Some may be holiday related or some just easy home decor ideas. 

We would LOVE to feature YOUR talents and ideas so PLEASE email us a link to your blog and we will feature your DIY project.

Int the meantime check out Amanda's AMAZING Scrapbook/Craft Room....doesn't it make you want to GET CRAFTY!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pie on My Mind

Hello Happy Thanksgiving week! I have pie on my mind. What's your favorite? I gotta stick with my homegirl pumpkin. Homegirl? You. Me. Thursday. Be there! (I don't know, pumpkin just seems like a female to me. Weird.)

Thinking of pie reminded me of a show I used to watch. Have you ever watched a show just to enjoy the eye candy? I'm not talking about eye candy in the manly man species form, but eye candy in the set design and costuming? When it was on a couple years ago, that's the only reason I tuned in to watch Pushing Up Daisies. I didn't care too much for the plot or storyline, but would describe it as chirpy with a dark twist if you want to know.

There was a pie shop involved called The Pie Hole. Everything is more colorful when you put pie-making in front of the camera.

See that fun gold dress with all that fun gold decor? And the hive-patterned window? I smell a honey theme in this scene. Bzzz!

You see, I think the kid kills everyone he touches by accident. I don't remember for sure. But those are his dead mom's toes sticking up.

I have actually seen real man caves devoted to animal heads. But this one is creepily cool.

Floral on floral ... mmm ... not so much. But everyone's got a style, right? And if you want to take it to the extreme, be my guest.

If you want to see a GOOD pie-making show, think Waitress. And count down the days 'til your Gobble Gobble. We'll see you back here next week!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A couple weekends ago when I went to Portland, my friends took me to Cargo. I walked in and said, "What?" I didn't get it. I think a ship just hauled up on the sidewalk and literally dumped its cargo. I loved it. 

I'm really psyched about poufs lately. Look at these beauties from across the sea.

Just the rusty leftovers from China's Ace Hardware?

Left Cambodia without some shoes? They've got some in Portland!

So freaky and so cool.


More stools.

These are just blocks of wood painted in various colors. For what I do not know, but I would still buy them.

This is actually one thing I almost did buy. So much mystery. Who is he? Would he like to be placed on my mantel? Could I live with his stare?

Loved this room. Old doors, headboards, wood beams.

That bright blue picture frame that is 90% frame? Come on! I love it!

These numbers would be cool on the front of your house. You'd be the only house in history that people could actually find without veering into garbage cans.

Love and largeness,


Monday, November 15, 2010

Jewelry as Decor

Jewelry looks good on your body, why not make it look just as good when it's off your body? Treat it as something to enhance the look of your vanity, bedside table, or bathroom. Here are a couple things I've done as well as other ideas from the web.

I use a turquoise Anthropologie cupcake stand as a catch-all for stud earrings and rings. Here's a similar one on Amazon in pink! It's a bit tricky because without any curvature, you can't pile it too high or bump it because things will fall off. But because of that, you can see everything and access it easily.

When it comes to dangly earrings and necklaces, I've used a frame-turned-clothesline-for-earrings-thingy that I made several years ago from a Martha Stewart idea. 

I would love to turn another frame into something like this (from Sweet Pea & Co). It's shiny and classy. Both qualities I like in my jewelry, too!

Here's a thrift store slab of wood with scrapbook paper and three Anthropologie knobs (from the discount section) that I normally use for an apron hanger but since there's no room in my new kitchen, I moved it to the bathroom to hold my necklaces.

Or just secure buttons or knobs right to the wall like this idea from Decor8. This can be an addition to a wall that already contains art.

I dig this option in the closet (from Arianna Belle). Makes me think I'd keep my closet a prettier place if I had my jewels there to inspire me.

 This photo also seen on Arianna Belle, I like the combination of things happening here. If you had a table to devote to jewelry, I'd go for this set up. Pretty bowls, various stands plus art and flowers. Yeah. Lovely.

This hanging wonder is from my friend Mad Mim. This is a great idea if you don't have wall space or surface space. Or if you just want a funky and functional chandelier but don't need more lighting.

What are your favorite ways to display your jewelry?


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday DIY: Wreaths

As I mentioned before, I am not much into holiday decorating. I don't know, I always just blame it on the lack of funds. But this year I am determined to decorate. I need cheap, cheap, cheap ideas since one of us in my relationship is a student and the other is a SAHM. Enter: the thrifty, crafty bloggers of the world who freely share their insanely affordable holiday decor ideas. I'll be rounding up all of my favorite ones and posting them throughout the next couple months.

Today's topic: Wreaths. My sister turned me onto the blog Made which is just pure inspiration + pure eye candy. Here's Dana's tutorial on acorn wreaths and just a few photos below (she shows other color options, all beautiful and versatile enough to be used for other holidays). It cost her $3.50. 

I love the natural look of the brown one (which is just baked acorns, no spray paint here). 

This white one is soooo fresh. Makes me want a mint.

This green is not your usual pine green. And I like it.

If you don't have acorns in your area, here are two variations with lima beans (also found from Dana's blog). LIMA BEANS, for pete's sake! The one below is from The Southern Institute. This one she did for Valentine's Day. Then she planned to paint it pastel for Easter, a bright color for summer, etc., etc. Don't be afraid to re-spray paint to your heart's content!

Another lima bean one from All Things Thrifty. That red bow is divine.

If you're up for a cute little mini-wreath that jingles on your doorknob, Martha Stewart has the (not so detailed) directions here.

Okay, I think this gumdrop wreath (also from Marthy Stewart) is just fabulous. Pretty sure you could glue gun them on instead of toothpicks, too.

Love and longitude,


Monday, November 8, 2010

Get the Look - Mad Men Office

I just finished (a little late) watching the fourth season of Mad Men. The decor and clothing did not disappoint, as is the case every season. I especially enjoyed Roger Sterling's office this season. Black and white to the hilt! 

The artist of that black and white picture may have been Bridget Riley. If only her prints sold in cheap versions. That talking bubble in the photo below was a real quote from that episode. It does kind of feel like a vortex. Not exactly a calming piece of art, but definitely a conversation piece.

The mushroom lamp was my favorite item in the office.

If you're looking to outfit your office Roger Sterling style, look no further. These are some plausible options for getting your black and white on circa 1963.

Love and Lost (one TV show I have never watched...),


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