Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book to Art

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 2: Book to Art

My new favorite trick to make almost INSTANT art is taking and old book, cutting out a page, and framing it. Here are some that I made for my sons nursery. They were from an old childrens book call "Big and Small"

I wanted a vintage feel in my son's room so I got an OLD childrens book (that I got for FREE), and CUT open the binding to loosen all the pages.

Then with the paper cutter, cut out the pages that I wanted to use. Next I found some picture frames and mats (on some of them). Depending on the frame I had to trim down some of the pages.

FINALLY stuck them in the FRAME!

It is such an EASY project that looks fabulous. Try it in ANY room...find old books on subjects that interest you and start cutting!

Other idea's of ways to use the left over pages...BUST OUT the Mod Podge! You could make MANY fun things with paper and Mod Podge. Something I have always wanted to do is make a collage on an end table or coffee table top and then put glass o
n top to protect it. I want to do one with memorabilia from my Husband and I when we were dating or first married, things like movie ticket stubs and love notes.

Where would you put your old book pages?

Peace out,

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