Monday, December 6, 2010

Basic Tree Skirt

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 6: Basic Tree Skirt

*This how-to post today is from my sister, Heather. She can be found with a smoking sewing machine on the sidelines of a University of North Carolina football game, taking orders from the coach to "Stitch up that jersey on #34! Go, go, go!" No, but really, folks. She does sew for the UNC football team. I wish it was on the sidelines. It would be so intense! As if sewing for two kids PLUS a hundred players at home isn't enough. Anyway, here she is with a basic tree skirt for your nekked tree.*Martha

It's obvious why it's called a tree skirt, but it sure did confuse my 3 year old when I told her I was sewing a skirt - not for her - but for the tree! Her mind was blown.

Making a skirt for a tree is much easier than making a skirt for yourself. Sure, my version is nothing fancy, but if I've been a good girl this year (and I have) my skirt will be COVERED IN PRESENTS by Christmas morning and no one will even care that the tree is wearing a skirt anyway. 

You will need:
2 yards of red fleece or you could even use felt
matching thread to trim
3 yards 1 1/2" wide rick rack (or other trim) (Always buy more just in case.)

Lay out your fleece and cut two matching semi-circles. Depending on the width of your fleece, you may not even have to do two separate circles. And if your tree is smaller, make a smaller version. Mine measured 40" on the straight line (what will become the diameter)  and 20" wide (the radius). Sew the half circles together, only sewing up the radius and making a Pac Man looking thing. The opening is so you can fit it around the tree and then arrange the opening to be in the back, overlapping on itself so no one knows there's an opening.

Next comes the rick rack trim. Start at the open end, sew the rick rack on near the edge all the way around, sewing down the center with a straight, basic stitch. Don't stretch anything.

Put it around your naked tree, hiding the opening in the back. The seam is front and center. You can cover it with a present if you don't like it.

That's it! You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? You're tree says, "Thanks for making me modest! Now, lavish me in gifts!"

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  1. You can always add ribbon or velcro to close up that opening if it bugs you. I've seen that done on some. Great job Heather! Thanks for the idea!


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