Friday, December 24, 2010

Using What You Have Christmas Decor

Christmas Craft Countdown Day 24: Use What You Have

*Say hello to Kristi, our guest blogger for this Christmas Eve! My sister met Kristi recently at a party at her home and told me all about her unique Christmas decor that she created using a lot of things she already had. Thanks so much for sharing, Kristi! I am logging these ideas away for next year .. and maybe even altering them for other upcoming holidays!* Martha

As time moves forward, my sense of style and design grows and improves (hopefully) and I love creating spaces in our home that reflect our current mood.  I found Christmas decor this year a little perplexing -- most of the decorations we have seemed out of place in our new home and I wanted to spruce things up a bit for under $5 (ha!).  Since the "bones" of our home are nuetral, I took down most of our decor and decided our Christmas palette would be red, silver, gold, black and white.  I made the artwork above using two 20x20 canvases that I spray painted with a metallic silver paint.  I then cut out various sizes and shapes of Christmas trees from fabric scrapes and attached them to the dried canvas with scrapbook glue dots. (Hot glue would work great too.)

I used red velvet ribbon to tie around and make a bow to add a final embellisment, then hung together for more impact.

Spray paint was my friend this year.  These letters used to be a distressed maroon color that I spray painted silver and displayed on our bookcase.

 I spent $3 at the Dollar Store on these silver balls and grouped them in a cake stand as a center piece.

I made a few Christmas tree shaped throw pillows and bought two red pillows at Target for $6 each to add a little Holiday cheer to our couches.

My little girl and I went to the woods and gathered branches that we brought home and -- you guessed it -- sprayed painted silver.  I grouped the silver branches on a ledge leading into our kitchen and added some greenery, berries and hung gold ornaments off the branches.

Thanks so much for letting me share a few things with you!  I get so much inspiration from looking at all the wonderful ideas everyone has out there.  Hugs and Merry Christmas!


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