Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Decorating around a TV

Decorating around a TV can be one of the trickiest parts of putting together a beautiful living room. Thank goodness we don't have to work with those ugly box TVs anymore! However, flat screens still present the same problem: just WHAT do I do with it?

I've collected some pictures that show some "outside of the box" thinking when it comes to incorporating a TV in a design-friendly way.

The surprising placement of this TV is that it's in front of windows. Ever considered that? I think it's an awesome idea.

The only time it would be tricky to watch TV in this setting is during the daytime. But who is home watching daytime television?? SAHMs, raise your hands! :) But, I could get over it. If I had this wall of windows, I could definitely get over a bit of TV glare. But let's be realistic. Your window wall would probably be better suited for drapes, so you could just pull the drapes during the daytime if Ellen at 4 is your afternoon cup of tea.
{Adore Home}

Bookcases are not just for books, of course. Or just for trinkets and books. Include your TV in your bookcase! Notice how the furniture looks like it can be adjusted according to what the room is being used for.
{Adore Home via Danielle Oakey Interiors}

People often think above the fireplace mantel is the obvious choice for rigging the TV. Think again! First of all, you don't want a crick in your neck from looking up at your TV. You always want the TV at eye level when you're sitting down. This photo shows a beautiful mantel display that makes a lovely focal point for the room, then the TV next to it is accompanied by a console table and accessories that help the TV not to scream "LOOK AT ME!".

I like the basket below that stores blankets for snuggling. Because what goes with TV watching? Blankets and snuggling!
{Little Green Notebook - incidentally the home of my former college roommate}

I love the idea of mounting the TV on the wall with a credenza below. Old school credenzas especially are my fave! I'm on the lookout for one for my own living room. Love, love, love.

In this dude apartment below, the caption really sums up what you need to know about decorating around a TV: "We know you love your TV. The trick is to display it in a way that doesn't sacrifice style. Try placing it on a sleek console (like this one from IKEA) and surrounding it with interesting objects. Be sure to keep the TV at eye level but let the accessories and the artwork be the focal point." 

{3 above: Lonny Magazine}

I like how the scale of this TV coordinates with the scale of the framed photos behind it. Plus, it's silver so it does a beautiful job of blending in to the black and white color scheme.

Back to credenzas - I've always loved this painted one in Jordan Ferney's home.

She changed it up later with some simple art above the mounted TV.
{Oh Happy Day}

Another painted credenza. This is Joanna Goddard's home (the blogger behind A Cup of Jo). Love that yellow.
{Little Green Notebook}


Monday, October 17, 2011

Modern Fairytale Posters

Thank you Cup of Jo for posting these wonderful modern fairytale posters.

The artist is Christian Jackson and you can buy them here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Glitter Art

I'm dying that Home By Novogratz is not on Hulu but I was able to catch a few episodes at my sister's house recently. Another thing I was dying over (in a good way)? The glitter art in one of their episodes. I kept hitting my sister in the arm and gasping, "Heather! Glitter art! Heather! Glitter art!" I don't know why I thought it was so genius ... I think it is the scale of the art. Each piece is quite H-U-G-E. It's done by Camomile Hixon and was featured in a home staging done by the Novogratz's, as seen below.

 {3 above images from here}

{2 images above from her gallery}

Are you as stunned by this large glitter art as me? Or are you like, "Puhlease. Glitter is so 2nd grade!"


Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunny Boy/Girl Room in Seattle

My friend Tysha recently finished decorating the bedroom her young son and daughter share, and I loved it so much I got her permission to share it with you! It was also just featured on THE interior decorating blog for kids' rooms, OhDeeDoh, (see here) that's how awesome it is! But I don't have to keep telling you ... see for yourself!

Tysha has a great mix of homemade and friend-made and hand-me-down and store bought. She put this room together over a long period of time, so she chose everything very carefully. There is a reason behind every decision which makes the room super special for the little inhabitants. 

She and her husband opted to give the kids the master bedroom so it could easily double as the play room. Smart move! I also love that she chose a pale yellow for the walls to off-set the often gloomy out-of-doors.

Birds done right! Love that mobile! The yellow and grey combo is perfect for a girl/boy setting.

This play kitchen is fantastic, no? As with all the other objects in the room, Tysha put a lot of thought, time and effort into this thing. 

And there are her two cuties! Tysha is a photographer, too, so these pictures are hers.

Cool roadster and some inspiring words!

Seriously, nice job Tysha! Thank you for sharing.

Read more here on her family blog about her process of putting together this room as well as the back stories on several items that are especially meaningful.

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