Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunny Home Tour

Well, what do you know? It's been sunny in Seattle the past couple days and I need to get out in it ASAP! But before I do, here's a bright home tour that's one of my favorites from awhile back. Jordan is an acquaintance of my sister in North Carolina. Here's the full home tour with helpful commentary on the background on some of her items. What I love about Jordan's home is its thoughtfulness. A beautiful, well put together home does not just happen buy accident. Nor does it happen overnight. She and her husband spent a year searching for the perfect home to purchase. And then it took years to set it up just the way they wanted. 

I'd also recommend Jordan's blog. Just a sweet glimpse of everyday life as a very in-tune mom of four.

Love and livers,


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Design Books

I just bought a couple design books I've been drooling over for awhile. Since Domino magazine is gone in body (though still with us in spirit/online at, I wanted to have their design advice immortalized and on hand in giant book form. Every page is beautiful and full of rule-breaking advice about decorating your home. Got a big, chunky wooden table? Add clear, acrylic chairs. Want floral and striped patterns together? Do it! Emancipate your weird decorating fantasies and pull them together tastefully with the help of this book.

Speaking of rule breakers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz do this for a living. They take your right brain and give it a good shake. They make the outlandish stylish and the impossible possible. The best message they get across in Downtown Chic is don't be afraid to make your house totally unique. You can be safe and boring in your design and decor and be ... safe and bored. Or you can add color, pattern and that funky thing you found at the flea market and wake up everyday to awesome.  Please bless their Bravo show 9 by Design gets renewed for another season.

Love and Lollapalooza,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Darkness

I just moved to Seattle and the gloom has inspired me. You heard me! I love gloom! I do. I mean, I know I'll get sick of it. But for now, I will embrace it. The gloom brings so many feelings over me. It says: cozy, soup, umbrella, rain boots, freshness, bath, and ... dark blue paint.

That's why I can't stop thinking about Jenna Lyons' home tour I saw a long time ago in our beloved late Domino magazine. She's the executive creative director and president of J.Crew. Would you look at the jaw-dropping way she did charcoal walls all over the place? Guess what? It's chalkboard paint.

And that's sack cloth tacked to the headboard!

An open closet - interesting. But I guess when clothes are your life, you just never get sick of seeing their beauty.

She balances it out with plenty of white.

And a pop or two of yellow.

What do you think of your entire house being one color scheme? There's something about it that makes me feel calm. Like I don't have to worry about turning the corner from and seeing something shocking or new. I can have the same mood in all of the rooms.

Love and lozenges,



I was poking around for wallpaper for an art project the other day and came across Amy Butler's new-ish line. Just as pretty as her fabrics, no?

Love and lollipops,


Friday, September 24, 2010

We Offer ...

InCircle Interiors offers three services to help you transform your house from HOMELY to HOT! We offer flat rates for each service to make it simple for everyone.

Design Inspiration Board
Think of this as a virtual bulletin board created just for you. It features a collage presentation of the products we chose for your room based on information you provide in the questionnaire. It can include pictures of color swatches, fabric swatches, furniture, art, and accessories. If you’re interested in re-purposing existing items, we can also include DIY inspiration. We then provide you with buying information for every product and then let you loose! You purchase the stuff and start putting your room together. If you need help arranging everything, add the Space Planning service (see below).  $350

Space Planning
Do you speak feng shui? No? Sounds like you need help planning your space. Having the right flow to your room can change your life. No more bumping your shins on an awkwardly placed coffee table or getting lost in the the maze that is your bedroom. We’ll give you the perfect floor plan to help you arrange your stuff just so. This service can be the icing on the Design Inspiration Board cake. $100 as stand-alone or $75 as an add-on

Color Consultation
Yikes! You painted your bedroom green ... but it’s not the green you thought it would be. It’s more yellow ... and you wanted more blue. But not too much blue. Just the perfect amount of pale green-blue hue. Don’t you wish your walls could just tell you what hue is right for you? Leave it to us to translate the wide world of paint. We will put together a pleasing palette for your space. We can also include textiles in the mix - curtains, pillows, upholstery - whatever you need. We’ll turn that color frown upside down. $150

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves...

Welcome to InCircle Interiors! We are so excited to launch our new design business beginning with this blog and we can't wait to become fast friends! InCircle Interiors began in the minds of two gals who enjoyed talking design at the beach and by the pool in sunny Southern California. After talking and talking and talking and thinking and comparing, those two gals decided to help each other fulfill one another's dreams by opening an online interior design firm that had the potential to reach the masses. Thank you Interwebs! This is a new kind of design firm. One that works with you, your schedule, your interests. With plenty of input from you, we put together the home of your dreams. All over the internet. More on that later. First, the two ladies behind InCircle Interiors.
Martha Ware

With a background in PR and writing, Martha’s creativity formerly exhibited itself in the written word. Which led to writing a blog. Which led to browsing other people’s blogs. Which led to a discovery of design blogs. Which awakened a new craving within … a craving only satisfied by adding color and personality to her home. She got to work creating a few original pieces that doubled as organizers – Anthropologie knobs affixed to thrift store cutting boards turned into places for keys and aprons to hang out. She framed favorite poems and epistles, enlarged and hung the family photos that were collecting virtual dust on her hard drive. In transforming a house into a home replete with original, meaningful, happy items, she discovered a knack for creating modern, welcoming spaces. A self-described homebody, Martha believes in the power of a home to heal or hinder. When she’s not getting her domestic design on, she enjoys running, reading, all things social media, talking to her husband on long car rides and squeezing her 1-year-old daughter’s cheeks.

Cynthia Broadhead

For Cynthia, interior design is just part of her genetic makeup. As a child, she switched rooms, rearranged furniture, and created new design themes more times than is healthy. She dabbled in pottery making, furniture building and was the only female known to man who actually enjoyed high school metal shop. She took her creative zeal to the next level in college where she studied architecture, landscape design and received a degree in interior design. And in case that doesn’t label her enough as an artist, she has been known to take the musical theatre stage by storm. Cynthia is the resident handy woman and idea girl. You need a fix-it person, a crafty idea, or a party plan? Cynthia at your service.  What about lyrics to a Broadway play? Done. Before becoming a mom, Cynthia worked at top design firms in Utah where she further honed her innate skills as a hands-on designer. She believes in being friendly to the environment and loves incorporating “green” products into her designs.  Her free time is spent introducing her 1-year-old son to all the wonders of the world, crafting it up with other mom-friends, and making everyone's house smell good as a Scentsy candles consultant.

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