Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where to Find Curtains and Drapes

My cousin asked me for some advice on picking out and finding drapes...she asked, "I am looking for good window panels and keep striking out. Any suggestions of good web sites?" She then emailed me pictures of her BEAUTIFUL house along with 4 links to drapes she had been looking at for the space. 

So FIRST here is the room from all angles:

LOVE this Chair!

NOW here are the drapes she had picked out...and I will review how I think the do or do not work for the room.
Barcelona Drapes from JcPenney: could work but I think the burgundy color is too dark for the space.

Alessandra Floral Drapes from Pottery Barn: This is my #1 for this room. The colors and pattern complements the chair, pillows and accent wall beautifully.

Margaritte Embroidered Drape from Pottery Barn: This is a VERY beautiful drape BUT for this space I do NOT think it is the best choice, because there are already two similar patterns in the room with the chair and pillows. It is best to MIX patterns (get lots of different patterns), rather than many of the same pattern.

Simone Drape from Pottery Barn: Nice but for this space I like the idea of bringing in more red tones to the wall instead of green, since there is already a green accent wall.

Some ADDITIONAL option:
Peyton Drape from Pottery Barn: You can never go wrong with a simple solid. Even though it is a solid color it will balance the room by complementing the green accent wall.

Where to buy curtains and drapes?
I will admit that ALL of my drapes are from Ikea because they have great products for an AWESOME price. BUT they don't sell many things online and I don't think they sell any drapes online (which is such a bummer) so if you don't live close to and Ikea you need some more options.

Another place I like to look for inexpensive but good quality drapes is They have a HUGE selection of great products, but the downside is it is sometimes like finding a needle in a hay stack ESPECIALLY if you don't know what you are looking for. So it is best to have something in mind before you start searching through Overstock.

If you want to head into a store World Market has some fun and fairly inexpensive drapes if you want a more global feeling to your space.

If you have a little bit MORE budget to work with theses are some fool proof places to look:

If you want something kind of funky and unique try:

Note: There are TONS of other places to find great drapes and window coverings...this is just some ideas.
Or if you are feeling crafty try sewing your own drapes. is a GREAT source for discounted designer fabrics. Even if you just hem the edges of the fabric you can purchase some drapery hardware like the one bellow that clips onto the fabric.

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  1. I got the coolest drapes for Kent's office (leaf print in grays, greens, taupes) from IKEA when I was there a few weeks ago (Seattle). Love them! I'd love to find some for my bedroom and for Rob's room (at Ikea). I still haven't used my wire system from IKEA to hang drapes; I may use it for displaying photographs or artwork instead.


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