Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nursery Drapes: Finished

Thanks to dear old mom who came to town for a fun weekend, I suddenly have drapes for the nursery! Thanks, mom! Here's the play by play:

We went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought 6 yards of brown and white stripe and 6 yards of brown and white polka dot. The stripe was the intended front part and the polka dot was for lining the back. Each was $5 per yard so it was $60 for all of it.

Mom laid it out on the floor (while Birdie walked all over it).

 She cut each panel in half so each one became 3 yards long.

The next few pictures are of the various hems.

She did a 4 1/2 inch bottom and top hem.

Side hems were about 1 1/2 inches.

For the top hem she did something cool. She made a tunnel for the curtain rod in the middle so the top would bunch up nicely. You'll see what I mean later.

Here's the finished panel, front and back. They're reversible! How awesome is that? She also made some ties which I secured to the wall with Command Strips cut in half (the Velcro kind). I had to use strong glue to get the fabric to stay on its side of the strip.

Here is the bottom hem.

You can see at the top that it has some extra fabric to bunch up like I was saying before.

Right panel.

Left panel.

Bottom part.

Here's the right panel tied back; I love that the polka dot is exposed when it's tied back. And if I ever get sick of the striped side I can turn it over to the polka dot side.

Here are both panels together. 

I have a lot of brown going on in this room! Next up on my to-do list is adding more color and brightness!



  1. I love your mom! We still have that awesome quilt she and you made for our wedding! It's my favorite cold weather blanket...too bad I live in FL. Maybe someday we'll live somewhere colder and get more use out of it.
    The curtains look great!

  2. Yeah, GO MOM! Those are so great. I love that you put them to the floor. That's a good old trick.


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