Friday, March 4, 2011

Reupholstery Process from Spruce Home

My mom showed me this really neat video she found on her Etsy Storque app on her iPod Touch. Etsy Storque is Etsy's blog where they share more info about the artisans in their shop.

Mom and I were going gaga over this process. So much goes into it, it'd be a fun craft to learn.

Check out Spruce Home on Etsy where they sell some of their reupholstered beauties. Or, if you live in Austin, go check out their actual store!

Happy Friday! Hope you are doing something fun this weekend! I am headed to a baseball game today ... where I will freeze my bum off.



  1. Wow, what a coincidence! YESTERDAY I just thought I'd check out what kind of fabric store selection there was to be found in Austin, because let's be honest, that's up there for me in the same category as housing market and neighborhood.
    This store came up, and I wasted like 20 minutes reading about the store and then REVIEWS about the store.
    It was on my list of places I wanted to check out first.
    AND, I have a chair that I want to reupholster soon (well, post baby). But I bought it almost 4 years ago with the same intentions. It's pretty old, I'm guessing 50's or 60's, because i found a tag inside saying that it was RE upholstered in 1973. I LOVE this chair. But the thing is is that it's not just reupholstery it needs. It needs entirely new guts as the springs are shot and I'm guessing so is everything else. So I checked out some books to see what that would entail and it was pretty much EXACTLY what they did here in the video. It actually totally overwhelmed me. I am going to look into having someone else do the guts and then I'll upholster.
    Seeing this video makes me think I COULD do it--but it would be a lot of learning and a long process.
    I kinda hate upholstering. It's so HARD. Not skill wise, but labor wise, it's so much work.

    Wow, and now I'll stop myself.

  2. Mim, I hope you move to Austin JUST for this store. And I would come visit you JUST for this store (as well as to see you).


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