Friday, March 18, 2011


Any Thoroughly Modern Millie fans out there? At one point in the movie Mrs. Meers says, "It's my own recipe: frrrrruit" and rolls the "r". Anyway, this post makes me think of that line; just one line of many I am constantly quoting in my head. That movie is top notch.

So, seriously, Spring. Are you coming anytime soon? I fear that Seattle spring may be more of winter. In other words: Rrrrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnn. 

At any rate, I will still dream about things I wish were part of my life ... like fruits in season other than naval oranges.

Here are some fruity goods from around the web that have me hankering for spring and summer fruit seasons and farmer's markets. 

These felt fruits are from Designs by Nancy.

Lemon and kiwi earrings from Marisha.

Fruit pillows from Modern Palm. I love the lemon one!

Celentano Woodworks makes these totally unique musical instruments to look like fruits. (And, yes, the avocado is a fruit according to Wikipedia, the source of all truth and light.)

I love baby items that don't scream BABY! This bib and bunny rabbit from Applesauce Crafts are gender neutral, too. 

Aren't these sweet little note cards from The Lunch Box Project?

Alright, now back to weeping over winter.


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