Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chevron Desk Re-Do

Ok so I finally FINISHED my desk re-do that I talked about HERE a few weeks ago. And I'm super excited about it. So I only used 4 items to give a $30 Walmart desk a new lease on life (honestly the desk is really is a piece of junk that we have had for 5 years and were ready to throw away).

 So HERE is the list of items you need:
  • Primer (I started to prime but then realized my furniture was light enough in color that I didn't need to)
  • Colored Spray Paint (or if you prefer a paint brush you can definitely go that route)
  • Fabric (I found this AWESOME Chevron pattern fabric from
  • Mod-Podge
  • Clear Spray Paint Sealer
 So here is what the desk looked like before...with my little midget being a dare devil and playing on it. (You can see he thinks he is pretty cool)
 So as you can see I started to prime but realized I didn't really need to on this particular piece. 

So when do you need to use primer? If it is a DARK piece of of furniture and trying to cover it with a lighter color (which I needed to do for a roll top desk I spray painted and it still bugs me when I look at it). Another reason to prime is because the primer is used to make the top paint stick better and have better coloring. You can also use the primer to save you a step, if you are like me and are too lazy to sand down the gloss finish just prime it and that will help.
 WOW don't I look lovely with my hair all disheveled in my husbands In N Out shirt?! AWESOME!
 So I just sprayed the base and left the top.
 Then I cut my fabric to the right size.
 Then it was time to BUST OUT the Mod-Podge!
 So I put the mod-podge on the desk first and started with just a few inches on the table so I could get the fabric lined up the way I wanted it and stuck it down.
 So I go the top all stuck down from the bottom...then I mod-podged over the top of the fabric.
 Make sure and make it even with your paint brush.
 This was the little shelf but wanted to show you that I did hospital corners on all of the corners.
Once you get the top mod-podged down you need to do all the sides and corners. Once the Mod-Podge had dried completely I spray a clear coat of a sealer and let it dry. DONE! 

It was a little bit of a process but in the long run it was a pretty easy project. I didn't totally time myself but I would say TOTAL it was maybe 3-4 hours of work time (of course there is time in between for drying).

And here is the FINAL PRODUCT I love it. it is a fun place for me to sit and write THIS BLOG POST! (while watching the Nate Berkus Show)


Peace OUT!

PS As I'm about to post this I learned something new on Nate Berkus show...did you know they have "Reflective Spray Paint" that is like an INSTANT mirror? IT IS SO COOL!!!  I know what I'm buying next time I'm at Lowe's.


  1. I love the mod podged fabric! what a great idea!! love it Cyndi!

  2. It looks so good next to your living room!


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