Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY Project

What can you do with some fabric, spray paint, and and old desk? Well, I'm hoping to give an old BORING desk some STYLE. I purchased these two chevron pattern fabrics from (a website I highly recommend for designer grade fabrics for craft store prices). My plan is to spray paint the base of my desk a solid color (haven't decided which one yet) then "upholster" the table top with the fabric. I'm not really upholstering it because it is not going to be padded, I'm really going to mod-podge it onto the top. I am so excited to do this project...just need to go find the right spray paint color (it's on the to do list today). I plan on doing a tutorial on this and hope it turns out...CROSS YOUR FINGERS for me please.

What color do you think I should use?
Here is the RUG that is in the room.

And this is an art piece of art that I made a few years ago that is the room too.
Well...stay tuned...I hope it works out.


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