Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture Frame Layouts

Does nailing a HOLE in the wall give you a panic attack? Sometimes we leave our walls BLANK because we FEAR putting our pictures and art in the WRONG place. So today lets look over some pictures of what other people have done to get our creative juices flowing.

I love this idea of covering an entire wall with picture frames. Notice that they go really high to really low. There is no rhyme or reason to the way they are hung but it is BEAUTIFUL! Source

Layering frames along a deep shelf is very pleasing to the eye

Find a point of reference and build off of it. In the above picture they picked a center horizontal line and built off of it.

Have some unique frames, don't be afraid of letting the frame be the artwork.

Here are some Quick Tips for hanging things on the wall:
  • Want a little "wiggle room" to get it just right...try using Command Picture Hanging Strips
  • Try cutting pieces of paper the exact size of your frames, then you can tape them up on the wall and rearrange them until you get it the way you like it. Next, you can just nail through the paper and pull the paper off once the nail is in.
  • If you have a roll of butcher paper you can do a similar system. Lay out the butcher paper on the floor, rearrange the frames on the butcher paper, once you have it the way you want it trace the picture frames. Finally tape the butcher paper on the wall and put the nails in and pull down the paper.
Design tips:
  • Some people think that ALL the picture frames need to match...this is a MYTH. Don't be afraid of having lots of different colors and/or styles of frames. But if you are a little worried about stepping out of the box, try getting different styles of frames and painting them the same color. You will have a unified look with some added character.
  • Frames do not have to be hung in a straight line or an organized fashion. Mix it up! You will get more compliments for trying something new. A lot of us fear change and look to others who are doing something different and want to be like them. Lets be the people that others look up to.
My first grade teacher taught me something that has helped me in my life, "you can NEVER mess up art." I LOVE this saying because it applies to my life in so many ways. Art (or even the picture frames on your wall) are subjective! As long as you like the way something looks GO WITH IT!

Bet you didn't think someone could get so philosophical talking about picture frames ;) I hope you got some good tips.

Peace OUT!

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  1. i live and die by command strips. i love all those photos; i think the last photo might become part of my house soon...


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