Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Client Project

We just finished up a design for one of our clients and wanted to share it with all of you! This client is in the middle of building a brand new home and convinced her husband that they needed to buy everything NEW! (my kind of lady) The space we designed is her Great her living room, kitchen, and dining room. She wanted a comfortable space that feels lived in. She hates when a room looks like it is just to look at (which I TOTALLY agree! Make your room a place you want to be, a place that tells something about who you are, a place that is a collection of items that make your life better or tell a story about who you are). So CHECK OUT the Design Inspiration Boards (click on them to enlarge):

For me when I design things can sometimes feel stuck until I find that ONE item that brings the design together. Sometimes it is a fabric, a painting, a chair, just one item of INSPIRATION! For this project it was this rug...once I found that everything flowed so much better and we finally pulled it all together.

We also did a 3D Space Plan for her. We used the program SketchUp. It is a FREE program from Google and pretty fun and unique program...try it out!

We would love to hear your thoughts, and hope it inspires some of you as well.

Peace Out,


  1. I! NEED! That RUG! Where, where, where did you get it?

  2. The rug is from Overstock. Here is the link:

    So glad you like it!

  3. Very cool how you can put the whole room together visually like that--
    things i really love about this space:
    -Color scheme--very inviting and comfortable.
    -All the pillows!!!
    -the lines and simplicity of the tan couch---gorgeous
    -hounds tooth!
    -and the tin-looking chair. Marvelous!

  4. I am in love with everything about this design--like it needs to be implemented in MY house pronto! You got mad skillz girls!

  5. I love the blue gray curtins!! they would match my living room perfect! can I ask where you got them?? :)

  6. Hi Heather, thanks for asking! We found them at ... drum roll .... TARGET! Good luck, hope you can find the same ones.

  7. Girls, sent you some updated pics of this design actually in my home! I am still adding pieces but it is coming along beautifully! Ton of compliments but most important... it feels like home! Thank you!!!!!!!!


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