Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey all. Late start on MLK holiday. We are lazing about eating lots of overnight waffles. Yes, you could say we are waffling about eating waffles. What are you up to?

You remember the plate wall I had planned for my odd kitchen wall? I decided against it. You see, it all goes back to my refrigerator. I have a thing against putting anything on my fridge. I feel a little bit anxious if there is stuff all over it. I don't feel comfortable looking at the faces of friends and loved ones as I reach for my milk jug. I don't know why, but it just makes me feel serene to keep the outer fridge bare (and the inner fridge full).   But that means I don't have a random dumping ground for fun things I actually do want to see - like the mugs of my friends and family, as well as cards and little things that inspire me. I've had an IKEA magnet board sitting in my closet for a few months and I decided to finally put it to use. So here she is, my version of an inspiration board in my very own kitchen. My kitchen table is basically my desk, so it totally works. 

I've always loved looking at other people's inspiration boards for, well, inspiration. Here are some I really dig. Someday I'll have a little white desk and a yellow chair and then I'm thinking I'll buy another board like the one I've got and put them side by side.


I'm hoping my board will get me to print out more of my pictures. It'd be awesome to have some old ones or Polaroids to add to the mix.

sfgirlbybay eclectic home office

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  1. totally sucks! where are the pictures of ME!!! haha! great idea, love it!


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