Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Calendars

Happy New Year! How were your holidays? We hope you have had some time to regroup after all the crazy, happy, family-togetherness-wonderfulness and take it easy before "real life" starts again. For my family that day was yesterday. It's always a harsh one. But it was made sweeter by the fact that we found out that we are having a BOY come this May. I've already asked Cyndi what to expect ... and so far I think I'm excited. If ya'll have any insight on what it's like to have a little boy, do tell. I don't know how it's possible to love another child as much as I adore my daughter, but people tell me it's possible. 

Anyway, January is here. And I can't get organized unless I have new calendars and planners, so that sent me searching the ol' web. Here are some of my favies that I've used or seen or been inspired by or whathaveyou.

A Little Hut has some darling little calendars that you can download for mega cheap ($5 - 6) and print on card stock from your own printer. I've used the one on the right before and it's the perfect kitchen calendar for quick reference.

Cavallini calendars always excite me. Especially because when you're done you could use any of their pages as framed art in your house. Bonus!

Kate Spade always brings color and whimsy to the world, and I'd imagine seeing her calendar everyday would just make me want to skip.

Sarah Pinto's day planners have been my standby for several years now. I can't go a day without having it practically attached to my arm. And when I close it up for the night, the cover is just the happiest little happy thing. It's like, "Open me up! Let's plan!" 

These planners are just fantastic to the max.

If you're into making your own family photo calendars, Minted can pretty much rock your world in that category. Not the cheapest route, but you could easily make framed art out of these, too! 

And have mercy! Look at these mini calendars to download and print. SO many possibilities here. And for $3! I'm thinking of buying it right now and stringing it across my fireplace this instant. Wait, is it Christmas again? I don't know. But I love them.

And if you've got a cute desk that you want to make even cuter ... here's a cute desktop calendar. Cute!

Here's another beautiful (and eco-friendly) option!

Happy planning for an excellent year!


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  1. cute martha! my fave are the mini calendars, of course!


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