Friday, January 14, 2011

Mobiles for Boy Nursery

I've been thinking a lot about baby boy nursery stuff. He'll be sharing a room with his older sister for a couple years so decorating is going to be tricky. I don't really plan to go completely unisex with the design. I'll keep up several of her pink things and add several blue things for him. The rest may evolve around yellows and greens. Or not. 

Here are a few boy mobiles I'm digging lately. I plan to make one, whatever it may be, and I'm using these for inspiration:

Black and white monsters.

Wallpaper Favorites

My daughter has a pink paper crane mobile. I love this white one!

nursery (unknown source)  kids

Globes are always cool.

I actually like this white mobile, too, even though it's snowflakes (via  Kootut murut). Love the branches.

Snowflake mobile eclectic bedroom

Wooden fish. Yes and yes.

Not sure what these are but I'm going to say boats. Felt boats. Easy to replicate.

This nursery was by a former Design Star contestant. You can't really see the mobile too well but it's a top favorite. Very minimalistic which I can't get enough of.

Another minimal modern one via OhDeeDoh

This beautiful boat mobile from Cup of Jo is an all time favorite. Not DIY, but would be worth buying, I think.


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  1. you have such great taste and an obvious eye for design. very fresh and light as a feel. very inspiring. i am looking into a kitchen redesign and have mulled over the kitchens of ikea options. I have just bought my fire safety equiptment from but am wondering how to hide or disguise them in a cunning way.


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