Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ikea "I" Candy

I am a HUGE Ikea fan! I love everything! I could literally live in an Ikea store...they have everything I need and more! Last night I went to Ikea to get ONE thing (why do we ever go to any store for one thing...we know we will come out with more). I went to buy a super cute picture frame for my sister for her birthday.
I tried to limit myself from too much temptation and skipped the top floor showroom and went straight to the bottom floor. There is still so much eye candy I could not stand it.

I always OOOO and AAAHHHH over all the different lighting options.
I love the MILLIONS of options of SHADES! So fun!
Wouldn't this topsy turvy lamp be fun in a whimsical nursery!?

They have such great artwork....and I love that they have these HUGE pieces of artwork for good prices.

I actually walked out with this surfer one...I found it in the "As Is" section for 60% off!
Oh how I love CLOCKS (not that I love how much time there is because we all would like more time in the day) I just love their style. This modern take on a Grandfather clock is DEFINITELY on my wish list. Textiles! I LOVE fabrics...and oh does Ikea have the FUNNEST fabrics EVER!

RUGS! WOW...there are so many fun things on the bottom floor of an Ikea.
Pillows, blankets....ahh my head is about to explode with JOY! I love love love Ikea. Oh how I wish I could go withOUT a ONE year old in would be so much more pleasurable.

Well there is some Ikea i-candy for the day...hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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  1. Living one hour from IKEA is torture. So thanks for that - I love that bird fabric, of course!


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