Monday, November 15, 2010

Jewelry as Decor

Jewelry looks good on your body, why not make it look just as good when it's off your body? Treat it as something to enhance the look of your vanity, bedside table, or bathroom. Here are a couple things I've done as well as other ideas from the web.

I use a turquoise Anthropologie cupcake stand as a catch-all for stud earrings and rings. Here's a similar one on Amazon in pink! It's a bit tricky because without any curvature, you can't pile it too high or bump it because things will fall off. But because of that, you can see everything and access it easily.

When it comes to dangly earrings and necklaces, I've used a frame-turned-clothesline-for-earrings-thingy that I made several years ago from a Martha Stewart idea. 

I would love to turn another frame into something like this (from Sweet Pea & Co). It's shiny and classy. Both qualities I like in my jewelry, too!

Here's a thrift store slab of wood with scrapbook paper and three Anthropologie knobs (from the discount section) that I normally use for an apron hanger but since there's no room in my new kitchen, I moved it to the bathroom to hold my necklaces.

Or just secure buttons or knobs right to the wall like this idea from Decor8. This can be an addition to a wall that already contains art.

I dig this option in the closet (from Arianna Belle). Makes me think I'd keep my closet a prettier place if I had my jewels there to inspire me.

 This photo also seen on Arianna Belle, I like the combination of things happening here. If you had a table to devote to jewelry, I'd go for this set up. Pretty bowls, various stands plus art and flowers. Yeah. Lovely.

This hanging wonder is from my friend Mad Mim. This is a great idea if you don't have wall space or surface space. Or if you just want a funky and functional chandelier but don't need more lighting.

What are your favorite ways to display your jewelry?


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