Monday, November 1, 2010

Fireplaces ... What To Do?

Are you feeling festive these days? Because here come the holidays! It's got me thinking about fireplaces. Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: they produce a big question mark in many a head when it comes to decorating with and around them. Here are some cool ideas I've been bookmarking.

Surprise! There is a phone inside this cute fireplace in the home of the couple from Oh Darling. The yellow and orange banner is a nice way to break up the elongated brick wall. And I pretty much die over vintage fans like the one on their mantle.

Old world charm from Oh Happy Day. I like how she let the pure beauty of the fireplace itself alone and just added a few knick knacks and pictures to make it interesting.

I've had this fireplace from Caitlin Wilson Design on my mind for at least a year. When the fireplace itself doesn't function, stick it full of wood. Done and done! And that glam beaded tile all the way up?!?! Hello! That's Caitlin and her daughter in front of it. Cute, cute, cute.

You can't see the entire picture of this fireplace from Rockstar Diaries but you can tell that it is a rockstar fireplace. I love the layered positioning of the old and new photos on the mantle. The green paint around it shouts, "this is NOT a tired, old fireplace!"

Love and liverwurst, 


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  1. If you ask me, fireplaces are the perfect place to define yourself. They speak worlds about your personality. You come in and see a mantelpiece with a family picture and decorative candles on each side and you know exactly what kind of person it is. It's like a canvas, and I've only seen one or MAYBE two really beautiful ones in all my days. I've seen a buttload online, but even's an art. PS Eirene's got a feaux mantelpiece mounting from Ikea, and I've included her in the two people I know with a beautiful mantel.


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