Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday DIY: Wreaths

As I mentioned before, I am not much into holiday decorating. I don't know, I always just blame it on the lack of funds. But this year I am determined to decorate. I need cheap, cheap, cheap ideas since one of us in my relationship is a student and the other is a SAHM. Enter: the thrifty, crafty bloggers of the world who freely share their insanely affordable holiday decor ideas. I'll be rounding up all of my favorite ones and posting them throughout the next couple months.

Today's topic: Wreaths. My sister turned me onto the blog Made which is just pure inspiration + pure eye candy. Here's Dana's tutorial on acorn wreaths and just a few photos below (she shows other color options, all beautiful and versatile enough to be used for other holidays). It cost her $3.50. 

I love the natural look of the brown one (which is just baked acorns, no spray paint here). 

This white one is soooo fresh. Makes me want a mint.

This green is not your usual pine green. And I like it.

If you don't have acorns in your area, here are two variations with lima beans (also found from Dana's blog). LIMA BEANS, for pete's sake! The one below is from The Southern Institute. This one she did for Valentine's Day. Then she planned to paint it pastel for Easter, a bright color for summer, etc., etc. Don't be afraid to re-spray paint to your heart's content!

Another lima bean one from All Things Thrifty. That red bow is divine.

If you're up for a cute little mini-wreath that jingles on your doorknob, Martha Stewart has the (not so detailed) directions here.

Okay, I think this gumdrop wreath (also from Marthy Stewart) is just fabulous. Pretty sure you could glue gun them on instead of toothpicks, too.

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  1. I love all of these! Crisp, clean and cute! Thanks for sharing!


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