Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A couple weekends ago when I went to Portland, my friends took me to Cargo. I walked in and said, "What?" I didn't get it. I think a ship just hauled up on the sidewalk and literally dumped its cargo. I loved it. 

I'm really psyched about poufs lately. Look at these beauties from across the sea.

Just the rusty leftovers from China's Ace Hardware?

Left Cambodia without some shoes? They've got some in Portland!

So freaky and so cool.


More stools.

These are just blocks of wood painted in various colors. For what I do not know, but I would still buy them.

This is actually one thing I almost did buy. So much mystery. Who is he? Would he like to be placed on my mantel? Could I live with his stare?

Loved this room. Old doors, headboards, wood beams.

That bright blue picture frame that is 90% frame? Come on! I love it!

These numbers would be cool on the front of your house. You'd be the only house in history that people could actually find without veering into garbage cans.

Love and largeness,



  1. Stool Boom! Holy crap. That store was rad!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I want to buy up the entire store! Such a great find.


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