Monday, November 8, 2010

Get the Look - Mad Men Office

I just finished (a little late) watching the fourth season of Mad Men. The decor and clothing did not disappoint, as is the case every season. I especially enjoyed Roger Sterling's office this season. Black and white to the hilt! 

The artist of that black and white picture may have been Bridget Riley. If only her prints sold in cheap versions. That talking bubble in the photo below was a real quote from that episode. It does kind of feel like a vortex. Not exactly a calming piece of art, but definitely a conversation piece.

The mushroom lamp was my favorite item in the office.

If you're looking to outfit your office Roger Sterling style, look no further. These are some plausible options for getting your black and white on circa 1963.

Love and Lost (one TV show I have never watched...),



  1. Look no further than EAMES. It's the newest club.

  2. The "white mushroom lamp" is still in production. It’s the Artemide Nesso, the orange version being more common than the white one.


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