Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unique Bookshelves

I was browsing the internet for some pictures to give a client some inspiration and I found the COOLEST bookshelves EVER! They are these letters that can be stacked anyway you want them. It is such a cool concept, it was part of a guy named Pieter's graduation portfolio in 2009. Here is the LINK to read more info about these awesome shelves.

After stumbling upon these bookshelves it made me curious to see what else is out there. Here are some other interesting bookcases that I found:

This curvy bookcase is so cool, it looks different from every angle, check out this LINK to see more pictures and read about this item.

This circular book case you can actually walk in it like a hamster wheel. Source

This piece is called the Wisdom Tree designed by Jordi Mila

This one makes me a little nervous...but I think that is the point. Source

I like this hexagon bookcase because it is totally unique but something that we could totally use in our house. Source

This USA Bookshelf cracked me up...I found it from a blog post entitled "16 Most Creative and Unique Bookcases" you should check it out, or just do a search for "unique bookshelves" and you will be amazed with peoples creativity.

Hope you got some CRAZY inspiration. I will tell you what inspired me was this picture bellow...I would love to do something like this for my magazines because I have yet to find a good place to put magazines.

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