Friday, February 11, 2011

Duvets for Mr. & Mrs.

Seeing Dwell Studio's new spring line re-ignited an inner fire that burns within me for something I feel strongly about. You see, I am puzzled completely when a married couple or living together couple or whathaveyou couple has a bedroom that reflects that only a woman sleeps there. Where are the men when the decor decisions are being made? Hmm? Oh, what? They don't care about home decor? "Just do what you want," is that what he said? Hmmmmm? 

Ladies, this can't go on. Your man cares. He doesn't want to sleep among flowers and ruffles and fluff. He wants a calm, cool oasis where there's equal ground. 

Enter Dwell Studio amazingness. These are part of their spring line and I heart all of them (and I think my husband would, too, except he probably wouldn't use the phrase "I heart..." because ... he's not a girl).

And some of my old Dwell Studio favorites:

Okay, that's a lot of grey and white. But still, great options, no? What do you think, would your man go for any of those? Do you have another brand you swear by for unisex bedding?



  1. I do have much more say in our decorating than my husband. However, he does give his input and I try not to make it too feminine. Our bedroom is next for paint and new bedding...I LOVE the stuff you shared! I already bought some fabric for 2 large pillows on the bed. It's gray, white and a bit of yellow. Most of the bedding you showed would go really well with it. I have my eye on white and/or gray for sure.

  2. I DO love Dwell...but can't always afford it ;) And I love gray, too!

    Santa brought us a duvet from West Elm for Christmas - he consulted my husband before he put it on his sleigh, and they have quite a few great he/she options as well ;) Check 'em out!


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