Friday, February 4, 2011

Organizing Children's Art

This article got me thinking about the many ways to organize and display children's art work. May I share with you my personal favorite: the clothesline/cable system. Not that I have put it to use just yet. My daughter is only 21 months. But I hear once the kiddie artwork starts coming, it doesn't let up. 

Here's why I like the clothesline as the first line of defense in dealing with artwork. 

1. It's not permanent. You can quickly put up a new piece of art whether you love it or hate it and constantly edit and rotate as the child brings more home. 

2. It changes up the decor on a regular basis and adds new pops of unique color and design to the wall. 

3. It can work in several different places in the house. I like the kitchen (because it gets it off your fridge and can become a conversation piece around the dinner table), the hallway (think of it as a gallery, maybe install real gallery lighting to make it more special), the playroom or child's bedroom (where the child can take control and rotate it as they choose). 

After the art moves out of the clothesline rotation and you and/or your child have chosen the favorites, it could be put into frames and moved to a more permanent art wall. Then when it's time to let it go, decide what to keep and what to trash, and put the keepers in a long term file folder for each child.

Here are a couple photos of the clothesline approach.

You could easily work with what you already have to create one; pictured above is twine and office clips, below is string and clothes pins.

playroom eclectic kids

Or Etsy has some cute supplies to made your own, like these colorful tiny clothespins and baker's twine. Secure the ends on the wall with faux metal Command hooks.

These colorful clips come from The Land of Nod.

 Here's a crisp look with the IKEA curtain rings and clips.

Pottery Barn Kids has several cable systems, with a variety of gender specific versions.

What do you think, readers? Have you put this to use yet or do you go for another approach? What works for you in managing and organizing your children's art?

Happy Friday!


images 1. Hybrid Simplicity 2. houzz 3 & 4. Bella Creationz 5 & 6. Land of Nod 7. OhDeeDoh 8 & 9. Pottery Barn Kids 

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  1. I like this idea. Right now we're pretty much working on the fridge system, and it's problematic at every turn. I'm also desperately need to start that file system...
    Great post.


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