Monday, February 7, 2011

Antique Furniture in Seattle

Seattle has no shortage of antique/consignment furniture shops and this weekend I finally checked out a couple in my area. Maybe this can become my new Saturday activity. 

At Cobblestone Used Furniture I was interested in the variety of pulls and knobs, since I'm in the market for some.

My daughter's life revolves around opening and closing things, especially doors. This sea of drawers was her own personal heaven. Open, close, open, close, open, close. The shop lady was not too thrilled with all of this. 

Love these ones. They're practically fused into the drawer fronts.

 Green glass? Okay.

Then across the street to Antika. Their room full of kitschy kitchen goods was killing me with awesomeness.

Upstairs I liked all of these things - the nesting tables, orange chair, stool and Buddha pictures. Heck, throw in the bare-chested male torso and you've got yourself a living room.

Surprise! There's a dog named Tonka that roams this joint at will and he's three times the size of my daughter. She was in double heaven! She followed him everywhere saying, "Woof, woof!" and touched him every chance she got.

The mid-century modern offerings here were salve to my soul. I think this would be a cool kitchen buffet.

This would be the dresser of my dreams for my nursery, but it was just as much money as my other dream dresser.

Another cool buffet or bedroom dresser.

Hello, the legs on that table. YES!

And then a happy yellow chest. Delish.


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