Monday, February 14, 2011

Dresser Progress

Happy Valentine's Day! I would not have remembered today was the day except for all the other blog posts on the subject. My husband and I were fighting nasty sicknesses all weekend and are not spreading any kind of love so it's a good thing we celebrated a couple weekends ago with a little trip to the symphony. I think we'll celebrate early every year - bypass all the pressure leading up to the day, plus flowers were cheaper, and I've been enjoying them even up to today!

I will tell you what HAS been getting a lot of lovin'. This nursery dresser! It has been a labor of love - sanding, many coats of paint, waiting for each to dry, taping it up for the trim painting. The thing that's made it extra complicated is the fact that the drawers don't come all the way out!

Poor thing looks like it's in the hospital with all those bandages.

After maybe one more coat of brown in a couple places, the tape comes off and the new knobs go on in the next couple days. Check back later this week for the final look and more details on the process.


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