Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bird Nursery

FINISHED PRODUCT! Here are some B-E-A-UTIFUL pictures of one of our clients FINISHED rooms. This was a local client so we did not do an Inspiration Board (so sorry I can't show that and the finished product). But look at how cute it is! I am just in love with the way it turned out.

Since the bedding had some birds and flowers on it we kind of carried that theme throughout the room in a few different ways.

I just love all the little bird houses everywhere and the whimsical look throughout the room.
I'm working on another Baby Girl's Nursery right now. My BFF is expecting her first little girl in May and I'm working on a plan for the nursery so stay tuned for that in the near future.

PEACE-ful dreams...(that is what I feel looking at these pictures ;)


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  1. I love this room!
    My daughter Jemma's nickname is Birdie. She actually goes by that now. So we try and integrate bird stuff into the "girls room" she shares with her older sister.
    Love it!!

    LOVE that huge letter L! Where did you find that?

  2. We ordered it from this online company, they are GREAT to work with and will do custom work.


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