Friday, October 1, 2010


SOOOOO ... you all watching The Nate Berkus Show? I've caught a couple episodes here and there and this is my take on it so far: 

*First question: Hey Oprah, when does Peter Walsh get his own show? He's way more entertaining and inspirational if you ask me.

*Too many neutrals going on upstage. Add some pops of color, Nate! At least in a pillow or something. Maybe they think it's too distracting, but I think it's distracting that he doesn't have color. I do love the chevron rug and differing chairs. But otherwise I think it's kind of boring decor-wise. And isn't that what we're sitting down to watch? Eye candy decor? I am.

*I think it's hilarious when he (like Oprah, Ellen and Martha) tries to empathize with stay at home moms, his core audience. He's not a mom. He's also not a woman. He can't change either, but I still think it's funny. Also the fact that he is surrounded by women ... I just wonder if it ever bothers him. 

*Thank heavens for a daytime lifestyle show that isn't Martha Stewart. The woman bores me to tears. Nate's personality flaw is that he's a little too boppy. But at least he doesn't have to feign interest in his guests and struggle to keep a conversation going like Martha does. 

*Nate does have some nice subject and guest variety. I mean, I guess I was surprised to find that it's not only about design. However, that's the only reason I'm watching it. So I suppose that means I won't be watching it that much.

No matter how much or how little I pay attention to Nate, I now have a piece of him in my house. To have, to hold, to cherish, to sit on. I just got this studio sofa he designed:

It has surpassed my expectations. It was really easy to assemble and it's comfortable to sit on. It looks perfect in front of the tiny, awkward wall we needed it for. I was really worried about the comfort part because of the absence of arms but I'm happy to report that the seat goes back deep enough for me to curl my legs up and lounge back. Ahhhh yeah! Go Nate!

Love and lipstick (of which I am sparkly gloss, according to Nate's design personality quiz),


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