Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nie & Halloween Flashback

Halloween is Sunday! Have you decorated yet? I've only JUST gotten excited about it. The air is chilly, the leaves are falling down, I finally got my daughter's costume all situated. It'll be her first trick or treating experience! I can't wait. I am terrible at decorating for holidays, but you know who isn't? In fact she may as well OWN the holidays. You know who I'm talking about: NieNie from NieNie Dialogues. I eagerly anticipate her Halloween home decor every single year. It's never contrived or plastic-y ... just stylishly spooky. These photos are from 2007. To get this look you could literally walk out your front door, grab some branches and you're halfway there. 

Adding little extras like the birds and spiders would be a cinch. Dollar store!

And you could grab tiny pumpkins as part of your grocery shopping trip, they are overflowing in the produce section.

And I could see that rusty cake plate coming from your local Goodwill.

Fabulously frightening!

Love and looking forward to this weekend of fun!


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  1. Yeah, NieNie is a real wiz at decorating. I've never been super into decorating for the holidays. Ok, besides Christmas, I've never done anything. I think I will in the future, but right now that's nowhere NEAR my radar. But I wish it were, cause I've seen some surprisingly appealing halloween decorations out there recently, and I had previously believed that to be an impossible feat.
    Man, I enjoyed catching up on your blog just now, and I gotta say how much I enjoy your writing and asthetic. I really want to comment on all your posts, but my bed is absolutely screaming my name.


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