Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LOC Gift Shop

If you love historical or old fashion art that has a story behind it, a fun place to browse is the Library of Congress online gift shop. Many of the prints or posters have a side bar that contains some background information on the piece and its historical significance.

I went to Arches National Park in Utah about a thousand times growing up. I think this old travel poster would be cute in a little boy's room or an office.

This is an obvious choice for a laundry room. We can dream about the day when men do laundry while we sit idly by, can't we?

My interest in zoos is renewed after getting a zoo pass this week! I saw some amazing birds there. This poster reminds me of them.

Here's a Depression era poster. But what really caught my eye is that vibrant yellow and the old fashioned signage. I love old buildings and love them even more when they are captured nicely in photography.

Did you love the Little Miss Muffet story growing up? It was definitely a weird one. Curds and whey? What? Anyway, still a cute story and I like how it is portrayed here (now we can see what that tuffet looked like!). This would make a cute little addition to a girl's room. Especially if you were blatantly pushing reading and terror of spiders on her.

Love and loopholes (do you like election season rhetoric? me neither),


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