Monday, October 18, 2010

Bird Canvas

Here's another canvas I did recently, this time for my daughter's room. Her nickname is The Bird. Even though the name makes it seem like birds are the obvious choice for decorating, I have been avoiding all the bird related art that's trendy right now. But then ... I just embraced it! The picture above was my inspiration, which I bookmarked here. I bought the only bird paper I could find and, sadly, didn't end up using much of it because I didn't want too many that were similar. The big birds I didn't even use at all because they were too large. 

I spray painted a canvas pink; it was an old canvas that had polka dots on it that I had previously created for Birdie's room but was never thrilled about. I cut branches out of brown paper that had an interesting texture that reminded me of bark. I went easy on the mod podge because it was a lightweight paper. I didn't mod podge over any of the paper I used, just under, because I needed to keep the painted part of the canvas free of glue smudges. Make sense? I'm sure you could use Elmer's glue, too.

I cut out some birds and played around with their placement.

I bought two shades of green glittery paper for leaves and cut those out, just making up shapes and sizes as I went along.

I added more branches. Then glued on the leaves wherever they looked good to me.

Finally, I glued on the birds. I think I added one more after I took this shot. I do hope to add a couple more birds if I find some different bird paper. 

Until then, it works well in my daughter's room. Right next to the bird mobile I made last year. Alright, alright, I was lying about avoiding bird art! I've embraced it all along! And maybe you should, too!

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