Saturday, November 5, 2011

Master Bedroom Redesign on a Budget - Color Palette

...Or I could title this post: Getting Started on the "Someday." You see, our master bedroom is the number one room I keep saying I'll get to ... someday. Someday when we have money, more specifically. But guess what I realized? Someday when we have money coming in again, which is slated to be in approximately one year, that money is likely NOT going towards my dream home interior projects. It's going to savings, retirement and kids' college funds. Yes, as my hubby and I were discussing it recently, we will likely be living about the same no matter what our money situation is like in the next couple years. Which is totally smart! Repeat after me: smart, smart, smart. Wise, smart, level-headed, mature, adulty. (As in, "Look at us being all adulty." - Liz Lemon)

So, I decided to get going on my "master bedroom on a budget" and after a lot of thought and planning and looking, I think I'll be able to swing it! Is invention not the result of desperation? What? How does that saying go? 

Anyway, here's my color palette. Kind of funny how it's almost the exact color palette of our heading/logo. I can't deny that I have a thing for grey, white and black. And with navy and yellow thrown in, I think we'll have enough masculine/feminine, serious/happy colors to please both people who sleep in this room.

Stay tuned as I put the pieces together over the next little while.... 

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