Friday, November 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Redesign on a Budget - Cheap Lamps

As I mentioned, while shopping around for lamps, I was finding a sad trend: all the ones I loved were around $100 and even the ones I kind of loved were in the $50 range. My dream lamps are going for $150! Shoot, do I want to eat this week or buy a lamp? Yeah. So, to Value Village (a thrift store like Goodwill) I went. I was looking for a bubble or gourd style lamp base. Bottom line, I wanted some beefy lamps! None of those skinny weeny lamps we were used to. I was hoping to find two matching white ones (or even better, yellow!), but instead found these: 

The blue is for my hubby and the white is for me. I think it works out better that way anyway. He's a dude, I'm a girl, and our lamps can be some kind of manifestation of that. They were both labeled as $4.99 but I got to the counter and found that mine was only $2. Seven dollars for two lamp bases! Woot! Since these lamps could not be returned after purchased, the lady at the checkout stand handed me a light bulb and told me to go test them at their testing station in the back to make sure they worked. She said they usually test the electrical items they sell, but sometimes can't get to all of them if there is too much inventory coming in and they run out of time.  Who knew there was a testing station? It's just a strip of electrical outlets. Great company at the testing station! People who buy used electronics are gems!

I initially bought a lamp harp because I thought I needed one to hold a lamp shade.

I installed it on my lamp, which involved taking it apart and rewiring it. Totally intimidating and terrifying, but it turned out fine in the end.

I had bought these two lamp shades at Ross for $7 each. Definitely not my dream shades, but I thought I'd try them out.

 Once the harp was on, I had some gluing to do to get my lamp to stand upright.

However, I found these $14 each drum style lamp shades at Target and decided to take the Ross ones back because I like these much better. No harps needed for these shades. Here's a preliminary look at our lamps! 

Mine turned out to be $16 and Adam's cost $ 18. Not bad for $100 lamp wannabes!


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