Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Space Oddity

I was strolling through downtown Ballard over the weekend and happened upon this little underground vintage furniture shop, Space Oddity. Upon entering and glancing around my eyes bugged out of my head. Gems galore! Then they bugged out even more when I noticed the prices! Vintage furniture and tchotchkes are fun to browse, but even more fun to browse when you can actually imagine yourself affording them! The prices were very reasonable ... which makes this a very dangerous find indeed. 

I wish I had had my camera, I could have given you a good idea of how chock full it was of goodies, but instead I swiped some photos from their blog and Facebook page of stuff I liked.

Behold: The donut phone. Homer Simpson would own this.

Just another of several cool vintage rotary phones. I wanted one for my daughter's room so she could grow up knowing what phones used to look like.

I fell in love with these sweet little sad kids. Reminded me of my grandpa's house for some reason.

One view of the inside of the store.

I don't know what it is, but I am drawn to card catalogs and old mail slot thingies lately. I think I just like imagining what in the sam hill I would put in all those little drawers if I had one in my house. If I became a bead or button collector, I'd put the card catalog drawers to use. And if I decided to alphabetize my recipes from A to Z, I could use a mail slot thingy. Weird thoughts.

I'm on the hunt for an interesting TV credenza, and this is a good one, I'd say. It wouldn't fit in our house currently, but I'd love something like it in the future.

This little ottoman stole my heart in every way. Great storage! Extra seating! Sturdy!

And what the what? I'd like to see how somebody puts these three theater seats to use. Because it could be awesome.



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