Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layering Design Styles in a Room

I've been watching Secrets from a Stylist lately, the HGTV show hosted by Design Star Season 5 winner Emily Henderson. From the episodes I've seen, she works with couples to create a room or two that combines both of their styles. She starts by doing the entire room in one person's style, after which she brings the couple in to show what it looks like. Then she edits some things and layers the second person's style into the space. Interestingly, the couple usually isn't totally thrilled with the first style (even the person whose style it reflects) but they love the end result of the two combined styles. Here is a look at some of the rooms from the show:

Example #1:

Look #1 (wife's style): Hollywood Regency

Look #2 (added husband's style):Hollywood Country Club

Example #2:
Look #1 (husband's style): Mad Men Chic

Look #2 (added wife's style): Mad Men Bohemian

Example #3:
Look #1 (wife's style): Modern Artsy Nouveau

Look #2 (added husband's style): Single Malt Nouveau

I think the show proves an important design point: anyone can buy up a set of furniture and accessories all in the same style and have one canned look. Or you can embrace the personalities of the person or people you live with and incorporate some style from everyone and come up with something even more interesting and unique.

This is a great show to give you that guidance! Watch it on Hulu here.


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