Friday, April 8, 2011

Industrial Design

I came across the Princess Lasertron blog awhile back when she was working on a concept called CAMP. I was so intrigued and didn't get it at all. Now that it's done, I get it. And I think it's soooo cool and interesting and I want to move to Omaha, Nebraska just to get in on it. You can visit the FAQs here to get a summary, but basically she and some friends turned a downtown industrial dive into a hip, open commercial space where people "co-work." Each person pays a monthly fee and comes to work in a creative environment away from home where other creative types are hanging out and working and snacking and laughing and having what seems to be the best time ever! 

Here's Princess Lasertron herself with her baby, Alice. She runs her own business (felt flower and button bouquets for brides) from the CAMP space.

They re-purposed a lot of junk for the space. Love that.

And they also have fun parties there.

Seriously, get me to CAMP!


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