Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcake Interiors

I take the task of eating for two seriously and I'm making sure my little fetus has plenty of chocolate and baked goods to sustain him. I only wish that at this moment I had something - anything - more in my house beyond the three peanut M&Ms I just finished off. Help! Which brings me to fantasizing about cupcakes. So why not a post that takes me there? 

Thank you Sprinkles for starting the haute cupcake trend. I so love their branding; minimalist modern at its best. Their cupcakes would probably go near the top of my list of things I'd need to eat asap if only given 24 hours to live. Red velvet and dark chocolate on repeat, please.

Trophy Cupcakes goes 50s frilly with their store design. I thoroughly enjoyed the eye candy in this shop while enjoying my Tiger Tail cupcake.

I haven't been to Georgetown Cupcake, but it looks like they've got a good thing going on. I'll call their interior design style girly sophisticat. The ladies who run it look especially cute in their pink aprons and wellies.

YUM. That didn't really help at all. But, there's always this emergency chocolate cake... (you are welcome for that link).


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