Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Client Project - Modern French Country Living Room

Several months ago we finished a client project and we never got around to posting the design boards. Here they are!

A little background and description: The client's living room is small but multi-purpose, so it needed to serve as an entryway, family room and entertainment room. She wanted to keep a few items and buy a few items, plus she needed more storage/shelving, seating and art.

The first board shows several pieces of her furniture she wanted to keep: the couch, side table, bench and mirror. We gave her a fabric option to use to reupholster the bench. The framed music is a visual idea of what the sheet music would look like on the wall (more on that below). The picture gallery wall is an example of something we suggested she put over her couch - a combination of art and family photos.

The design board below shows all the products we chose for her living room. Her color scheme is light blues, browns, grays and cremes. They love French things, so we found a couple accessories to reflect that; the sheet music is French sheet music from Etsy which we recommended she frame to put on the wall. The ladder serves to heighten the small room as well as for shelving and to add visual interest. We recommended wall sconces instead of floor lamps for lighting since floor space was limited. Multiple ottomans are to serve as flat surfaces as well as additional seating.

The design board below features some additional options to switch out or substitute, since the client admitted she gets tired of things easily. She also likes vintage items, so we added a few more of those.

This was done on a budget of just over $1,000, meaning all the items on the middle board add up to just over $1,000. Killer, right? The most expensive items were the rug, the drapes (which she might even sew herself, saving even more money) and the furniture. By keeping a few items she already liked, mixing in a few additional large pieces, plus accessories, she can have a total room makeover for not much money! She doesn't even have to buy everything at once - this type of thing can happen gradually over time. Buy a pillow here, an ottoman there and before you know it, your space can come together. That is what I love about these e-design boards - you can see everything together at once, and then you get to mull over it and do the rest at your pace. 

Hope you enjoyed it!

Click here to read more about starting an e-design board for yourself.


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